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Whether searching for a new home for your family, or as an addition to your real estate portfolio, our team offers extensive research and market analysis to find the perfect home for YOU

Commercial Properties

Finding ideal investments in commercial real estate is not the easiest task with low inventory and countless competing cash buyers. Be sure to contact our team for off-market opportunities

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If you are looking to sell your home, or curious to what your home will fetch in the market today, we offer a free property analysis for commercial and residential. Find out more on how we can help you with your listing

We’ll Find You The Perfect Home

We know it’s tough out there for future homeowners. It is harder than ever with rising mortgage rates, skyrocketing home prices, and a shortage of housing in many markets. Help us help you in finding your next home

We Work With Your Budget

Home prices in Los Angeles County can be a high entry point for most new families. With mortgage payments, repairs, and rehab work down the line, we make sure to factor in everything so you don’t have to. We work with your budget to find the best potential homes for you from countless resources to provide you the best options within your budget

List Your Property & Let Us Do the Rest

You know those postcards of a vacationer sipping a piña colada by the beach? By listing your property with us, that could be you! With past appraisal experience, our team has the tools and knowledge needed to provide you with detailed comps and analysis to get the best price for your property. You can always take that vacation a little early while we do the work, that’s what we’re here for

“I didn’t know how to get started with my home-buying process. Both me and my wife have full time jobs so finding the time to do research on neighborhoods and specific areas was a tedious chore. Geoffrey from Breo Investment Group helped us with detailed information on the areas we were interested in and helped us find the perfect home to start our family. He even helped us get in contact with all the other things we needed like an amazing lender and great title company.” Alex Lee

Buena Park Home Buyer

“With the all-cash investors hovering around LA County, I was on the verge of giving up on finding my next investment deal worth pursuing. After a few meetings with Breo Investment Group they showed me a selection of off-market inventory along with any new development projects from local developers in the area. I ended up finding a great development project that was carefully vetted out. This deal ended up with returns much higher than what I was finding so I’ll definitely continue to work with them to find my next investment property.”

Samuel Choi

Multifamily Investor

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